Benson Saulo is a Wemba Wemba, Jardwadjali, Weregia and Gunditjmara man who grew up in Tamworth NSW. 

This year, Benson has become Australia’s first Indigenous consul-general appointed to the United States. 

Benson was the first Indigenous Australian to be appointed the Australian Youth Representative to the United Nations and was the lead negotiator on the Rights of the Child Resolution in 2011. 

Benson is a young man and new father with lots of fresh insight. In this chat, we talked about all things diversity and inclusion in the workplace; what are you currently doing and what can you do to do better? 

He talks about asking the right questions; who’s perspective, voice, and physical presence is missing from important decisions? 

Are you being vulnerable and opening yourself up to critique and differing perspectives and advice? 

Benson’s insights are profound and timely. He also thinks everyone should learn how to skateboard. 

I thoroughly enjoyed this conversation and hope you do too.