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Wellbeing Calendar

2024 Corporate Wellbeing Calendar

Our Corporate Wellbeing Calendar is designed to save you time. Find out about upcoming public health events your workplace can get involved in and let us create an engaging wellbeing program that suits your organisation’s needs.

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2024 Operations Wellbeing Calendar

This is a tailored approach to ensuring your on-the-ground teams are supported in every aspect of their wellbeing. Based on our four pillars of performance – Movement, Mindset, Nutrition and Recovery.

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Research & Whitepapers

2023 Wellbeing Index Report

In 2023, Better Being worked with 20 organisations, collecting wellbeing data on their employees and reporting the findings to each respective company.

These results have been published in our 2023 Wellbeing Index Report, highlighting key wellbeing trends and how Better Being’s wellbeing programs were successful in creating improvements in wellbeing. Access your copy of this report below.  

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The Better Being Wellbeing Index Research Review

Wellbeing is a state of good mental, physical and psychosocial health with reduced illness, pain or physical stressors. And as such, our wellbeing throughout our lifetime fluctuates, making it difficult to measure. So, how do we measure something that is forever changing? 

This review provides an in-depth analysis into how we developed our Wellbeing Index to measure the wellbeing of our clients and the validity of the questions included.

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Mental Wellbeing in The Workplace

Mental Health in Australia is a rapidly growing health concern. The need for workplaces to take initiative and work on implementing mental health programs is ever growing.

This whitepaper explores in depth how you can support the mental wellbeing of your workers and how the 4 pillars of performance can provide a strong foundation for wellbeing. 

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The Happiness Project

Joy is defined as ‘great happiness or pleasure’.

What sense of joy do you experience in you daily life? Is it the smell of coffee, the warmth of spring or the last day of school term?

However, when it comes to our workplaces, can we truly experience this ‘great happiness or pleasure’?

This whitepaper aims to unpack the essence of happiness at work. We will help you to identify which factors could be influencing your state of joy and overall contributing to a healthy or unhealthy work environment and culture.

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Nutrition Review

Common dieting trends such as the keto diet, intermittent fasting, paleo diet and vegan diets are often popular choices for weight loss. However, they are restrictive, confusing, unsafe for some individuals and a short-term solution. This review breaks down these four popular diets and questions what they are, do they work, and what are the challenges faced when following these diets.

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Other resources

10 Ways to Support Leadership Wellbeing. Free Download

10 Ways to Support Leadership Wellbeing

Your leaders work hard to look after their teams, but who is looking after them? Download our FREE guide packed with practical tips and strategies to help your leaders thrive. 

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Recognising Burnout: A Guide for Leaders and Managers

We have created a simple guide that allows leaders and managers to recognise burnout in themselves and their team members, and detail what actions to take to create a happier, healthier workplace.

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Better Being Client Success Stories

Hear from companies such as Commonwealth Bank Australia, Coca Cola Europacific Partners, Merivale and Herbet Smith Freehills on why they have trusted us to deliver industry leading programs to their employees.

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Employee Wellbeing Program Checklist

Use this template to guide you in implementing wellbeing strategies and ensuring the success of your initiatives within your organisation.

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Sweat Equity

The first chapter. The go-to health and fitness guide for time-poor leaders in business and beyond by Australian expert Greg Stark. 

You work 60-hour weeks, you’re the best in your field, and you chase success daily. But are you looking after the very assets – your health and fitness – that will ensure you keep hitting your targets?

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