With each passing year, the understanding of employee wellbeing deepens, evolving from buzzwords to an imperative for employee satisfaction and business growth. The roadmap to achieving optimal employee wellbeing is intricate, but with the right tools, it becomes an achievable feat.  

The Rise of Employee Wellbeing 

For decades, the workplace emphasised metrics, output, and bottom lines, with employee wellbeing seen as a ‘nice to have’. Yet, we now know that prioritising employee wellbeing can lead to increased employee happiness, retention, reduced absenteeism and ultimately increased productivity.  

However, fostering a culture of wellbeing goes beyond free gym memberships or fruit bowls in the office. It requires a holistic approach, considering both physical and mental health. With the ever-changing landscape of the workplace, having a structured wellbeing strategy is crucial. 

Navigating Employee Wellbeing in 2024 

So, how can HR Professionals and Health and Wellbeing Leads structure a year-round wellbeing strategy that targets all areas of a business? The answer is simpler than one might think. Better Being’s 2024 Wellbeing Calendars are crafted specifically for industry leaders and offer comprehensive strategies to promote employee wellbeing. No matter where or how your employees work, our wellbeing calendars are tailored to head office and in-field employees, to drive engagement and positive behaviour change.  

2024 Corporate Wellbeing Calendar 

Our Corporate Wellbeing Calendar is the essential workplace wellbeing tool. Each month highlights global and local health and wellbeing events and aims to inspire awareness and action amongst employees. To support employees each month, employees can also access: 

  • Workshops – Delivered in person or online, our 45-minute informative workshops educate employees on a variety of health topics. 
  • Educational Resources – Tailored to your companies branding, our resources provide information about monthly wellbeing events, how to achieve each monthly habit and promote any internal company wide initiatives. 
  • Follow up Activities – To drive employee engagement and peer to peer connection, we provide a range of suggested follow up activations to choose from.  

We do the work for you so you can get back to what you do best! 

[Download the 2024 Corporate Wellbeing Calendar here] 

2024 Operations Wellbeing Calendar 

We know that promoting health and wellbeing amongst your in-field employees can often be challenging due to their work environment and shift work patterns. Built around our four pillars of performance – Movement, Mindset, Nutrition and Recovery – our Operations Wellbeing Calendar has a unique quarterly focus with monthly key learning outcomes and activations designed to empower your employees to cultivate positive behaviour change. Our team of experts work with you to identify the unique needs of your business and deliver content in engaging formats such as: 

  • Onsite Toolbox Talks – Short, impactful educational sessions delivered by our team of health experts to drive awareness and action. 
  • Leader Led Packs – Empower your team leaders to have conversations about important health topics. 
  • Podcasts – Perfect for employees who are on the road, each episode aligns with our key learning outcomes. 
  • Educational Resources – Provided in visually engaging formats, our resources equip your employees with actionable tips on a variety of health topics. 

[Download the 2024 Operations Calendar here] 

Employees today gravitate towards workplaces that see them as more than mere numbers. In fact, a study by MetLife found that 62% of employees say benefits are a major reason they stay with their current employer. 

Recognising and nurturing the needs of employees ensures a cohesive work environment, leading to a ripple effect on all facets of the business. With tools like the 2024 Wellbeing Calendars, you’re not just ticking a wellbeing box; you’re building a high-impact wellbeing strategy that works.