Most people arrive in February a couple of kilograms heavier and feeling in need of a complete health overhaul. So often they will go completely cold turkey, resort to extreme exercise routines and go on radical diets to kick start their health. Maybe you’re thinking of joining the Feb Fast challenge? Although this can generate some fast results the key is to think sustainable change and now is the perfect time as you have more of a set work routine and manageable social calendar. 

So what are the best ways to get quick results that stick with you beyond February? 


For many people its either they drink everyday or not at all. So a Feb Fast might kick start a change in the relationship with alcohol. The key is to focus on having a few days off a week with moderate consumption on other days. If you’re drinking everyday aim for at least 2 days off and build from there. 

What about a liver detox? Is there a a wonder drink I can take to detox my liver. The best drink for detoxing your liver is plain old water – no need for pills, potions or juices. Focus on consuming 300 millilitres of water daily for every 10 kilograms of body mass. So if you’re 70 kilograms, that’s 2.1 litres of water each day. 


No need to fast or starve. By focusing on what you need to cut out will only create a negative relationship with food. A far greater way to improve your nutrition is to focus on what you need to be eating more of. Can you be eating more vegetables during the day or incorporate some protein in your breakfast? It creates a far better relationship with food and will assist you in making better choices throughout the day. Clients often find by eating more of the good stuff they reduce their cravings for the bad. 


Although it might seem a good idea to burn off those extra kilos with some intense exercise, for some it could be the worst thing for you, particularly if you are calorie restricting. Whether you are a beginner or a fitness fanatic, the key is to first focus on moving often at a low intensity. To maximise results start tracking your steps and limit your time sitting. By incorporating a few more intense sessions in the week will reduce your risk of injury and help to speed up your metabolism. 

The body is a fascinating machine where if give the right environment it will naturally detox itself. No need for radical diets or extreme exercise, it’s simply back to basics!