Is your office currently full of red-nosed, sore throat, shells of humans? Is your office starting to look more like a sickbay than a work place?   

It might be time to implement a few immunity boosting strategies at work!   

Here are some quick tips!  


  1.   Provide an immune boosting office kitchen:  
  • Get a weekly delivery of fresh fruit and cut-up vegetables for the office kitchen.  
  • Provide small packs of mixed nuts & seeds.  
  • Place educational infographics on the kitchen walls.  
  1.   Educate and encourage employees to pack healthy lunches:  
  • Send out healthy lunch box ideas. Here are a few to get you started:  
  • Fruit.  
  • Cut up vegetables with hummus, cottage cheese or peanut butter.  
  • Vegetable soups with wholegrain bread.  
  • Egg and vegetable frittatas.  
  • Meat and salad sandwiches on wholegrain bread.  
  • Nuts and seeds.  
  • Wholegrain pasta with meat and vegetables mixed through.  
  • Eggs and salad.  
  • Lentil-based salads, dahl, or stew.  
  1.   Practice & promote workplace hygiene:  
  • Provide accessible sanitising stations.  
  • Place visible infographics on hand washing & germ control in bathrooms.  
  • Clean & disinfect your workspace at the end of every day.  
  1.   Partner up with a local health food store or chemist for discounted supplements:  
  • Think of 10% off all vitamin or mineral supplements if you refer your employees to their store!  
  • Check out our previous blog (“How to boost immunity at home”) for information on specific micronutrients that might be worth supplementing.   
  1.   Organise outdoor meetings – for sunshine & movement:  
  • Plan walking meetings to promote physical activity as well as get some Vitamin D from the sun.  
  • If walking is not practical, choose an outdoor setting for some fresh air.   
  1.   Provide accessible water coolers:  
  •  Promote hydration by providing visible, attractive and accessible water coolers.   
  1.   Encourage calling in sick OR working from home if unwell:  
  • The risk of transmission can be reduced if employees who are not well stay at home.   
  • Reduce the stigma around “calling in sick” and encourage employees to take a sick day if they are not well enough to work.   
  • OR, if only mildly unwell, encourage people to work from home to reduce the spread.   
  1.   Ensure your workplace offers adequate sick days/year and sick pay:  
  • Inadequate sick pay or leave can be a deterrent to calling in sick, leading to infectious people coming into work and spreading their illness.   
  • Ensure your organisation offers adequate sick leave and pay, in addition to clear expectations or policies around this (E.g., stay at home if you are sick).   
  1.   Implement stress-reduction activities during the working day:  
  • Hire a yoga teacher to come in 1/week for a lunch time yoga class.  
  • Schedule a mindfulness and/or meditation workshop during busy or stressful periods.  
  • Start a lunchtime walking group to get people active & out of the office.  
  • Organise a healthy cooking class for your employees.  
  1. 10. Consider hiring workplace health and wellness consultants to do the leg work for you!